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About Us

MVS Light

MVS Light is one of the leading companies in the design and production of reliable and powerful lighting equipment warning lights, Siren and Speakers, Controllers and High-Powered warning systems for Emergency vehicles since 2006.

Our commitment to providing innovative products, devotion to delivering superior service and technical expertise comprise a unique position in the market.

MVS Light has been dedicated to serving customers globally with excellent-quality emergency vehicle warning solutions and control systems. Our comprehensive manufacturing approach and flexibility in designing to meet customers’ inquiries assure our leadership in the market.

Each and every part of MVS Light product is proudly designed, manufactured and tested under harshest environments to meet the industry’s outstanding certification requirements.

Our global reach capacity and commitment to safety and security are the motives that drive our innovative spirit. The experience of our product design teams, engineers, customer and technical support staff establishes our company as a trusted partner around the world.